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After School Education and Safety (ASES) & 21st Century



Expanded Learning Academy is designed to be an extension of the school day learning opportunities, school culture, and initiatives for all groups of students. We consider ourselves partners with our host district and work to blend district and school values with our own standards for a seamless student and family experience. Each campus that hosts an ELA adopts the name of that school, mascot, and school colors giving the school ownership of its academy program.

Enrollment &

Our Academy creates curriculum, activities, academic support, and events around the needs and wants of their students. Programming that is driven by student interest and youth voice is popular and builds engagement and a strong presence on campus. Historically, our program has experienced outstanding success, and waiting lists for enrollment last throughout the year. Parents view our programs as productive and effective additions to their student’s day and desire enrollment in our program to further their student’s development.


Academics and Connections

Creating links between Expanded Learning Academy programs and school day learning is an essential component of our partnership with our host school. These links allow students to understand our role in their education, illuminating for them how we offer additional support and encouragement. As part of our program, we offer opportunities for students to continue their academic development after they leave their general education classroom. Expanded Learning Academy continuously creates new school connections through a variety of strategies such as inviting school alumni back into our program as support and additional student resources. Former students have the opportunity to return to their alma mater to assist with academic support and tutoring (all under the watchful eye of our program staff).


High Quality

Our Academy teams are individuals who are passionate and dedicated to providing the highest quality of Expanded Learning program opportunities available. Our staff comes from a variety of backgrounds and levels of education but they all have one thing in common- they are devoted to making an IMPACT. Expanded Learning Academy has developed an effective system for recruiting, vetting, on-boarding, and developing quality candidates into trusted and valued TEAMMATES. The atmosphere of our organization is one of safety, consciousness, and support for our people. Our mission includes building a team of educators and child advocates who embrace and reflect the quality care agenda. Expanded learning Academy strives to recruit diverse personalities and mentors that represent the student population.


Safe & Appropriate Environment

Providing safe spaces for students to learn, build relationships, and explore is an imperative task for Expanded Learning Academy. We understand that our programs must provide a nurturing and supportive environment that supports all ages and the developmental needs of students. Physical safety, operational procedures, classroom tone, and teacher/child interaction expectations are all critical pieces of our program. Expanded Learning Academy has crafted a comprehensive framework of policies and protocols to ensure high standards in our program. Our policies are built to impart and distill our standards for safety, operations, relationships, employee requirements, and lawful practices. Our policies reflect the appropriate statutory and regulatory requirements of our host site or district.

Supplemental Enrichment

Academy curricula and programming are authentic to our brand. We have written and piloted a variety of programs that meet a thorough and quality list of requirements. Our programs offer students a multitude of developmentally appropriate discoveries through activities that address individual or group participation, fine and gross motor development, academic support or enrichment, career pathway foundations, and of course character and personal health education. Our framework is initiated through student interest surveys, discussions, and meetings. Stakeholders are also surveyed to understand the interests and values that represent their ideas for quality programming.

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